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Beginner Yoga Mat

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Beginner Yoga Mat

Beginner Yoga Mat Models

Yoga , which has become one of the most popular practices of the modern age, has a very old history. There is no definite information about how many years and by whom it started to be made for the first time. It is known that it has been made for thousands of years from the remains and ancient artifacts found. It is stated in some sources that it has a history dating back to 2700 BC.

The meeting of yoga with the people of the modern world takes place towards the end of the 19th century. An Indian yogi's trip to America opens yoga to a country that is the center of popular culture. Years after this meeting, when yoga became widespread around the world, a yogi began preparations to create the first yoga mat . This yogi is looking for a solution because he needs something to prevent his hands and feet from slipping on the floor while doing yoga. One day, he discovers the non-slip pieces put under the carpets and starts to practice on them. This is how the first yoga mat in history appeared. This invention is developed and modernized. Today, a mat is produced for yogis of all levels. Yoga mats vary in size and thickness, as well as in materials.

Beginner Yoga Mats

If you're just starting out with yoga and aren't sure what model to get, one of the entry-level products will be the ideal option for you. Products at this level give you the cushioning you need. It prevents pressure on the joints during movements. Your knees and elbows will be more comfortable. In addition, its non-slip feature provides support in balance poses and standing postures. The special surface texture increases the adhesion ability.

These models, which are produced with a closed cell system, do not let the sweat in when you sweat while you are moving and keep it on the surface. In this way, they prevent the formation of bacteria and bad odor. Cleaning of surfaces with this feature is also extremely simple. After each practice, you can wipe the special yoga mat cleaning water on the product and complete the cleaning easily.

Designed for beginner yogis, these models have an alignment line at the center. This line guides you to do the asanas that you have just started to try without mistakes. You can know how to put your hands and feet by looking at this line. You can still get help from this alignment guide even if your level progresses. Today, such guiding patterns are also included in many advanced products.

Dimensions of Beginner Yoga Mats

These models are specially produced for yoga beginners. It has a weight of only 1 kg. The 172 cm and 180 cm long mats are 61 cm wide. Its 5 mm thickness offers ideal cushioning and provides easy portability. If you prefer different spots to practice yoga, you can take your mat wherever you want. You can use these products not only in yoga practices, but also in many different floor exercises while doing fitness. It is a practical model that you can use on both sides.

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