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Foot Support Models

Using products that protect your foot and leg health while doing sports or being active increases your performance. These functional products that provide foot support can sometimes be used as a solution to various health problems. Sometimes it may be preferred only to provide performance support.

What are Foot Support Models?

Foot support models consist of calf protectors, diabetes socks, bunion supports and compression socks with compression. ( Compression tights with compression are also available.)

You can use these models to support the treatment of different ailments, as well as to improve blood circulation in the feet and legs in general.

Which Foot Support Model Is Right For You?

Foot support products offer solutions to multiple problems. If you have problems such as runner's leg, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, you can choose from compression support socks. You can also use compression stockings against heel and arch pain, ankle swelling and varicose veins.

In addition, there are products specially produced for diabetics. These products, which have a system that prevents the formation of bacteria by providing the moisture balance of the foot, can be used every day. These products, which have a light compression feature, have a support section for sensitive feet.

There are special products developed for common hallux valgus disease. If you have this discomfort in your feet, you can choose the product that suits you. Products that provide bunion support keep the big toe aligned and reduce pain during the day. These models have thinness that you can wear with shoes.

Products with compression support regulate blood flow by applying gradual pressure to certain parts of the body. It also protects these parts from injury. These models, which are specially woven on state-of-the-art machines, can be used in all exercises. You can also wear support products while lying down; Their designs are suitable for this.

Advantages of Foot Support Models

Foot support models help you during simple movements or routine exercises you do in daily life. The use of products that offer special support for certain parts of the body relaxes your movements. It has design details to match your sportswear .

You can use it as a support for the treatment of diabetes, bunion support, runner's leg, platear fasciitis and many other ailments. Besides, you can choose these products only for performance support without any discomfort.

Maintenance of Foot Support Models

Each product has different features. For this reason, it is important to follow the care instructions that come with the product you purchased.

When you wash these products in hot water, their lifetime is affected. Therefore, in the instruction section, you will usually encounter the recommendation to wash your product in warm or cold water.

It is important for hygiene to wash the products after turning them inside out. Follow the maintenance instructions for this part as well.

You should avoid using bleach as it usually shortens the life of products. In fact, this part is usually clearly written in the product care instructions.

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