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Named after a Greek goddess Alala is a sportswear company founded in the USA in 2014. The brand's founder, Denise Lee, chose the name Alala because she thought it represented modern women. An active athlete himself, Lee says he likes to look good while playing sports. He states that he had a hard time finding what he was looking for years ago, when the casual wear fashion was not that common. She states that when she decided to design comfortable and stylish women's sportswear products, all the products on the market were similar to each other. For this reason, he decides to make the attractive clothes that are formed in his mind and that do not compromise on comfort during the performance a reality. The idea that came to mind while preparing for a triathlon in 2012, takes its place on the shelves as luxury sportswear products in 2014. With the pieces in Lee's collection, it is possible to both exercise and be involved in city life with a comfortable and stylish look. Whether you are in a gym or in the garden of a cafe, you will feel very comfortable and look stylish with Alala products. affecting the whole world sportswear Fashionable comfort will enter your closet with Alala, one of the prominent brands in the trend.

Alala Women's Sports Wear Products in Stilefit

Stilefit has the most popular Alala products in its collection, which are available in only a few exclusive stores and limited shopping sites all over the world. Sport tights, quality and stylish tights, shiny tights, Captain Ankle tights, the brand's best selling product, are at hand with Stilefit. In addition, the brand's sports bra, sweatshirt and sports jacket alternatives are also available.

Sports Leggings

Compression tights made of performance fabrics provide support to the body during sports. The mesh transitions that make the legs look more fit and the pieces decorated with different color tones offer the chance to be stylish as well as comfort. Adding functionality with the hidden pocket on the back of the waistband, Alala tights will be an indispensable part of your sportswear.

Sports Bra

The bras that make you stand out from the crowd with their unique designs are produced from technical fabrics. The products offer comfort during sports with their sweat absorbing material. Inspired by the wardrobe of modern women, the bras provide an attractive appearance both in the living room and in a stylish outdoor space. The models, in which zipper and tulle details are at the forefront, allow women to look stylish and sexy while doing sports.

Sweatshirt and Sports Jacket

The products that make the luxury identity of the brand feel the most are stylish hoodies and sports jackets made of performance fabrics. These unique and specially designed pieces complement your outfits perfectly. An Alala jacket that you put on when you leave the living room will make you stand out with your style, while your comfort will be at the highest level with its breathable structure.

Creating the Alala Collection

All Alala products are produced from luxury fabrics in the premium category. A detailed study is underway for the product lines, most of which are prepared in North America. The details that will provide maximum comfort are emphasized during the design of the pieces with a distinguished style. Intensive work is spent on the convenience feature, which is one of the most important issues for the brand. Emphasizing the importance of matching everything available, the Alala team designs their sportswear accordingly. There is also a series of seamless products that offer extra comfort in the collection.

He also regularly visits the factories that produce his clothes, displaying a responsible behavior. In this way, he makes sure that the working conditions are suitable.

Who Prefers Alala Brand?

The brand, which is often preferred by yoga enthusiasts, has a wide user base. The original product line, which responds very well to the pursuit of sporty elegance, has brought Alala global fame. The name of the brand, which is also praised in the press, is one of the first to come to mind when luxury women's sportswear is mentioned. The brand, which stands out with its style that carries the character of New York City, is also the choice of many well-known people. Names such as Nina Dobrev, Jessica Alba, Ashley Graham are just some of the celebrities displayed with Alala products.

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