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One of the leading brands of the sports world and one of the largest sports goods manufacturers in the world. adidas ; It came to life in Herzogenaurach, Germany in 1924 and was named after its founder, Adi Dassler. Before the Second World War, two brothers open a workshop in Herzogenaurach, a town in Germany, to make and sell sneakers. These brothers are Rudolph and Adolph Dassler, who will be enemies to each other in the future.

In fact, the brothers, who did not get along well before, turn into resentment as a result of the quarrel that started during an allied bombardment. After the war, the brothers opened separate workshops on both sides of the river that divided the town of Herzogenaurach. Rudolf lays the foundations of Puma, Adolf on the other side of adidas and starts working. After the war ended, Adidas and Puma brands managed to be among the most successful companies.

The designation of the famous 3-leaf logo of Adidas dates back to August 1971. The Trefoil (three-leaf clover) logo was selected from hundreds of studies and started to be used on adidas products since 1972. Today, the logo represents the Adidas Originals collection.

Mission of the adidas brand, which always supports sports and athletes under all conditions; striving to be a worldwide leader in sports industry products and presenting it with brands that build on a passion for a life full of sports.

Every day, adding a new product to its product range that triggers competition for the sports world, adidas shoes and clothing brand has become a world brand by meeting the expectations of its customers in the most accurate way. Adidas is advancing in a much more professional way by adding technology to its life in both sports shoes and sportswear products.

adidas; It offers you products and models suitable for training, tennis, running, fitness, basketball and all kinds of sports by categorizing them with a variety of numbers and colors. You can find the most suitable Adidas sports shoes and sportswear models at online sports shopping store.

Adidas Sports and Clothing store in the women's category; It stands out with its product variety such as sports t-shirts, sports bras, sports leggings, jackets and sports vests and different designs suitable for every body.

Adidas Sports Accessories and Equipment

With its sports accessories and equipment, Adidas offers products that support your training in different categories and bring your missing style to your service. With these products, which make your sports life practical in every sense and are comfortable to use, doing sports turns into a separate privilege.

adidas online shopping You can have the model and color options you want with the most affordable price advantages on, which is the most enjoyable and the most accurate way to do things.

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