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Tights have a special place among the performance products you use while doing sports. You can wear these comfortable clothes that provide freedom of movement for many types of exercise. The world-famous adidas brand has a very large collection of tights. Each of these tights is produced from fabrics with different technological properties. It is enough to examine the details of the products to find the model with the features you are looking for.

Adidas Tights You Will Enjoy From Yoga To Running

Adidas , one of the world's leading sportswear brands, uses fabrics with different properties for performance products. These products, which provide you comfort during many exercises at different intensities, increase your movement performance.

Thanks to the flexible and breathing structure of adidas tights that you will prefer in yoga sessions, you will only concentrate on your poses. Many models have a wide and flexible waistband that hugs the waist, and this detail allows you to move more comfortably while doing yoga. You can easily do all the stretching and bending poses on the yoga mat.

Sports tights give you freedom of movement while training in the gym. When you choose a model with suitable features for intense sports activities, you can exercise comfortably in all four seasons. The fabrics of adidas tights with antiperspirant technology give you performance support even in the most oppressive heat.

Sports tights support you while running as well as in yoga and fitness rooms. You can run uninterruptedly by choosing the model with the appropriate technical features for running among different models. Tights designed for running hug your body with the comfort of a second skin.

In addition to its technical features that contribute to superior performance, adidas tights also have elegance that emphasizes their style. Models using different color transitions and mesh details in their designs provide sporty elegance. Eye-catching models that support you while doing sports also highlight your style. You can use many models of the brand in daily life as well as in gyms. Each model is produced from fabrics with technical details that stand out with a different feature and has different design details.

adidas Leggings Performance Fabrics

1. Aeroready

Fabrics with this quality are moisture absorbing. It absorbs sweat very quickly and removes it from the body. Ideal for all types of training. In addition, you can use the models produced from these fabrics in different places at any time of the day.

2. Climacool

It is breathable, lightweight and quick-drying. It allows you to train without hesitation on hot summer days.

3. Climalite

It quickly absorbs moisture and removes it from the body. It keeps you moving with uninterrupted performance during the most intense workouts. You can exercise at the intensity you want without fear of sweating.

4. Compression

They are fabrics that offer compression in addition to fast-drying, light, breathable and cool-keeping fabric technologies. Compression fabrics help you warm up quickly during workouts and keep your muscles flexible even when you're not moving.

Fabrics Produced with Sustainable Steps

World brands are taking environmentalist steps to reduce the negative effects of global warming on our planet and to leave a livable world to future generations. adidas is also meticulously doing its part in this regard. The brand produces many of its performance fabrics from yarns made from recycled materials. It acts in a way that has a minimum impact on the environment during production. It attaches great importance to recycling and takes back used old products for reuse. While taking steps with the goal of ending plastic waste, it shapes its sustainability strategy so that there are still places to play in the future.

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