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adidas Sneakers

Adidas, one of the largest sportswear brands in the world, has a colorful sneaker collection equipped with different technical features. Models that provide a comfortable experience also stand out with their styles. You can find the model that best fits your style among the adidas sneaker options that will improve your training experience. Some of the models that animate sports styles with eye-catching color transitions are signed by the famous British designer Stella McCartney.

Features of adidas Sneakers

Being one of the leading brands in the sportswear world since the day it was founded, adidas designs its performance products by prioritizing comfort. The German brand uses different details in sports shoes with features that allow you to reach the best performance while doing sports.

adidas Boost Technology

Boost is a technology used in both women's sports shoes and men's shoes. The technology developed in 2013 was designed for the running series. Boost, the product of the adidas Innovation Team's collaboration with German chemists, has the ability to recycle energy. Boost soles, created by expanding thermoplastic polyurethane particles to form closed cells around tiny air pockets, provide many benefits to the athlete.

The most important feature of an adidas shoe with Boost midsole technology is energy recycling. Soles that absorb and transfer the energy spent by the athlete, thus, have the feature of being the leader in the world of performance shoes. The comfort it offers with its cushioning feature is another feature of the soles. The fact that it can be used in all weather conditions is one of the attractive details of the sole. Two other features of adidas Boost technology are durability and flexibility. With these shoes, you can run as much as you want and on the ground you want. The series also includes Ultraboost soles with enhanced cushioning and responsiveness.

Since the technology produced for the running branch was very popular, it was quickly adapted to other sports branches and the soles of daily adidas sneaker models. It is possible to see a Boost base in many models.

Primeknit Knit Upper

Primeknit is the name of adidas 's upper technology that is more breathable, more flexible, very light and wraps the foot in sock comfort. The upper, which is frequently used in adidas running shoes with Boost soles, has also been adapted to streetwear fashion. You can also find Primeknit comfort in casual models.

The Primeknit knit system, which wraps the feet naturally and eliminates the need for laces, provides comfort in football shoes as well.

Another feature of the knit upper, which wraps and supports the foot perfectly with its seamless, one-piece structure, is that it is more environmentally friendly than the pieced models. Less energy is consumed during production.


Producing environmentally friendly and sustainable is necessary to reduce the effects of global warming on our planet. adidas carries out its duties in this regard in a way worthy of its name. The German brand, which makes its production in a way that causes minimum harm to the environment, designs most of the products in its collections from recycled materials. Primeblue is a high performance material made from recycled plastic waste. It contributes to the reduction of plastic waste in the oceans while increasing the performance support of the soles.

Continental Rubber Sole

Rubber soles produced in cooperation with Continental, one of the most well-known car tire brands in the world, increase the grip of the shoes. The technology used in the soles of running shoes provides more grip and reduces the risk of slipping. It also makes it possible for the runner to hit the ground more firmly.

Other Highlights of Adidas Sneakers

EVA foam, which stands out with its cushioning feature, is also used in models whose sole technologies are not limited to Boost. Cloudfoam soles, which offer higher quality cushioning, are also developed from EVA material.

In the insoles, the products of the world-famous brand OrthoLite are mainly used. OrthoLite soles provide soft cushioning and make the feet extra comfortable in the shoe. It is also sustainable.

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