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adidas Bag

The world-famous adidas brand includes sportswear products in its wide product range, as well as bags that appeal to different purposes. These functional bags, which you can use both daily and while doing sports, offer you comfort and elegance together. You can put many things you want to take with you when you leave the house in your adidas bag, which you choose according to your style.

adidas Bag Designs

The bags in the adidas collection have different design details. You can choose the one that best suits your style among useful accessories that vary in carrying styles, sizes and colors. adidas bags complete the sporty elegance. You can use your favorite model by matching it with different combinations. You can do sports or travel comfortably in daily life with models worn on the waist. You can put more items in large models that you can carry in your hand or on your shoulder.

Strap Styles

Belt bags, which have been very popular lately, are also included in the collection of the brand. Designed in eye-catching neon colors or plain, simple tones, adidas waist bag models are very useful. You can carry your items such as keys, cards, headphones in the small zippered compartments. You can put other important items such as wallet, sunglasses, phone in the main compartment.

You can try different strap styles on waist bag models with adjustable strap length. The straps of these models can be extended or shortened so that they can be carried on the waist and shoulder. If you wish, you can hang it on one shoulder, or you can keep it wider and use it diagonally. You can go for a walk, run and do other sports with waist bags. While doing sports, you can comfortably carry your belongings with you. These models provide more freedom of movement for travel, daily city tours or shopping.

Large models that can be carried by hand or on the shoulder have a larger interior volume. You can easily carry many items in these bags. This type of model is very useful when going to the gym or on short trips. If you go to the gym regularly, you can put many things such as sports clothes, water bottles, sports shoes in these large volume bags. In the models consisting of more than one compartment, there are usually zippered sections reserved for valuables such as wallets, phones, keys.

Fabric Structure

Today, making sustainable production has become one of the main goals of many brands. Adidas is among the brands that take effective steps in this regard. The production method of the brand and the materials used in production have an environmentally friendly character. adidas uses a significant amount of recycled and sustainable materials in both its performance apparel and the production of shoes and accessories. Recycled materials used in the design of adidas sports bags are generally weatherproof.

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