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What to Wear While Doing Yoga: Yoga Bra

From the Sanskrit word “yuj”, yoga means to connect or connect. The main purposes of yoga can be explained as purifying the body from all toxic substances, increasing physical strength and endurance, and providing spiritual integration. Practitioners in this sportive activity, which is frequently preferred by both men and women, take different names according to their gender. Men are called "yogis" and women are called "yogini". In this article, we will talk about one of the items that yoginis need most: the yoga bra .

A Must Have for a Yogini: Yoga Bra

The most important purpose of yoga is to find peace by simplifying the mind. It is done in order to be healthy both physically and mentally. However, like every sportive activity, various sports materials are needed in yoga. Women's yoga bra is one of the most needed materials.

In this activity, in which a wide variety of stretching movements are made, a significant amount of pressure is placed on the breasts as they move. Considering that each breast weighs 250-300 grams on average, this weight combined with the mentioned pressure causes an uncomfortable pain. Along with this pain, strains occur at the chest attachment points to tolerate the weight and pressure. This can also cause tissue irritation. Yoga bra models are produced to eliminate this pain.

How to Choose the Best Yoga Bra?

There are a few points to consider when choosing a yoga bra. We can simply list these points as follows; size, fabric and model! Finding the right bra size is always a challenge. We may have to look for a bra that fits our chest cup and back size for days. The same is true for choosing a yoga bra .

You need to make sure that the bra you choose fits your body perfectly. If you choose a size smaller than your own size, your skin may become irritated and you may not feel comfortable. If you choose a plus size yoga bra , the product completely loses its function. Your breasts move inside the bra. This can cause many different conditions, from sagging breasts to various back and neck pains.

Secondly, you can look at what materials the fabric of your chosen bra is made of. Since cotton fabrics are breathable materials, they reduce sweating and help protect your health. Finally, yoga bras are produced in a wide variety of models.

Usually models with thick straps provide maximum comfort. Unlike thin strap models, thick straps distribute the pressure evenly across the body. If you're in search of a yoga bra, you can visit for options like the Lorna Jane yoga bra and the Under Armor yoga bra.

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