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What are the Differences Between Yoga Tights and Running Tights?

Yoga Leggings Features

In addition to the numerous color and pattern options, the first feature you will look at when choosing between yoga tights that will come in different sizes is of course the flexibility of the tights.


Yoga moves require flexibility. For this reason, the tights you prefer should provide you with comfort and touch your body without hindering you or even making your presence felt during asana transitions.

Sweat-Repellent And Breathable Fabrics

In addition to flexibility, breathable and sweat-proof fabrics should be preferred. Since intense sweating can be experienced during yoga rituals, you should pay attention to this feature of the tights you use.

Non-Inside Feature

Since the hips and legs are used very often during yoga, it is important that the tights you wear are not see-through. When switching between positions, you will prevent your underwear from being seen with a tights with "Squat Proof" feature.

High Waist Leggings Models

One of the features that a sports tights must have in order to create a comfortable enough experience is its high waist. This feature, which provides comfort during performance by tightly wrapping the abdominal muscles, also provides a flatter appearance on the abdomen. When doing yoga, you focus only on your movements, without facing the problem of the tights slipping off your waist.

Stretch Feature

As the name suggests, this feature provides the body with all-round freedom of movement. The weaving technologies preferred by different sports brands in performance fabrics can offer two or four-way stretching. According to the needs of sports exercises, choosing fabrics with higher stretching ability helps sports clothes to move with the body.

Seamless Leggings

During movement transitions, pressure is applied to the legs that carry the weight of the body. Thanks to the soft structure of seamless tights, you will not feel this pressure on your legs. At the same time, the risk of bacteria that causes bad odor in the seams is very low in these tights.

Running Tights Features

We want to have maximum comfort while running. Our sportswear should be in harmony with us and have a design that will support us without interrupting our performance.

Adjustable Waistband

No one wants to mess with a tights that falls off their waist while running and interrupt their performance over and over. For this reason, you can achieve uninterrupted performance by choosing sports tights that fit well at the waist and provide freedom of movement by wrapping the abdominal muscles. One of the most needed features in running tights models is the design details that help to adjust the waist width for every body.

Compression Tights Feature

Compression fabrics are one of the popular sportswear technologies that show their effect especially in sports that involve dynamic movement such as running. The fabric with a tightly woven structure fits the body and does not move. By supporting blood flow to muscle groups during running, a better performance is provided for a longer period of time. Compression running tights, which have been found to reduce muscle fatigue after sports, also minimize side effects such as muscle stiffness or cramps.

Moisture Absorption Feature

There is heavy sweating while running. For this reason, the fabric of the tights should have the property of not repelling sweat and absorbing moisture.

Seamless Running Tights

Pressure applied to the legs while running may cause discomfort to the seams. Seamless tights, which prevent this feeling of discomfort, provide a more comfortable running experience.

Breathable And Quick-Drying Tights

The brands offered to the market under different names (For example; Under Amour HeatGear® technology , this technology allows the tights to dry quickly, while providing excellent flexibility thanks to its breathable lightweight structure.

Both yoga tights have extra features besides their technical details. Glow-in-the-dark stripes, hidden pockets, transparent ankles, design-detailed seams... In your tights that reflect you completely, where you can maintain your elegance while maximizing your performance. from here you can reach.

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