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What should be the ideal thickness on the yoga mat?

Almost every yoga mat is produced to perform this function. However, this does not mean that any yoga mat you like in color or shape should be suitable for you. For this reason, what should be the ideal thickness on the yoga mat , let's find out together.

Yoga mat only; it can perform its basic function when it is selected in accordance with your body type, the place where you exercise and your physical activity. The yoga mat has three important features; these are its material, thickness and length. The yoga mat should be in a size suitable for your height and should be made of a material that does not produce bacteria and removes moisture quickly.

Almost everyone who is engaged in yoga can have an opinion on these two elements, but may not be able to answer questions such as "How many mm thick should a suitable yoga mat be". In this article, we will try to explain which thickness yoga mat is more suitable for whom.

The Ideal Thickness of the Yoga Mat Determines the Floor to be Applied

Buying a yoga mat is not as easy as it seems. You need to consider many factors at once. You can start by paying attention to your body type and on which ground you practice yoga. Parquet, carpet or tile floor… Which one do you do yoga in the most? For example; If you are practicing at home on a thick carpet, you will not need a thick yoga mat. Because the carpet will be in a structure that supports your joints and provides cushioning.

If you prefer to do yoga on hard surfaces, you can choose a thick mat as you will need extra cushioning. In this way, you protect your body from the hardness and coldness of the floor and prevent your yoga pleasure from being interrupted. Our recommendation is that the yoga mat should be 3mm on soft floors, and the yoga mat on much harder surfaces should be min. It should be around 5mm .

The Ideal Thickness Of The Yoga Mat Is Influenced By Your Travel Practices

The yoga mat, which many people also know as a gym mat, gets heavier as it gets thicker. Like almost any object, yoga mats that increase in weight as they grow in size can be a hindrance to you. So when buying a thick yoga mat, first consider how often you pack your yoga mat and travel with it.

If you are one of those who always add a non-slip yoga mat to their holiday bag, you should choose a product that is light and easy to pack. Carrying a thick yoga mat will not be easy. Thick yoga mats are not suitable for yogis who love to travel, due to both their weight and the size they reach when wrapped. Lightweight yoga mats can even be attached to backpacks with the help of mat straps. On thick yoga mats, this is not usually possible.

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