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5 Things We Love About the Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

Manduka pro yoga mat It is produced using the highest quality PVC material in the world and does not contain carbon emissions. The brand, which is very confident in both its durability and performance, gives a lifetime warranty for the yoga mats it produces. Yoga lovers also cannot give up on the yoga mat series of the Manduka brand. Here are the 5 factors that are among the reasons why the yoga lovers we have researched for you prefer the Manduka Pro Yoga Mat Series:

1. Provides Comfortable Transition Between Poses

Although the natural rubber structure of Manduka eKO yoga mat models provides a more sticky surface with an excellent grip in arm balances or inverted postures, the performance-oriented surface texture of PRO mats allows the feet to pass comfortably without getting stuck on the mat during chaturanga or warrior transitions.

2. Not Harmful to Children

While yoga mats made of cheap PVC material harm the environment, they also cause hormonal disruption when touched. Manduka attaches extra importance to the use of PVC in the production of yoga mats. Manduka PRO yoga mat series yoga mats are produced in Germany without the use of harmful phthalates and are OEKO-TEX® certified. In addition, technologies that do not emit any toxic emissions to the atmosphere and do not harm the environment are used in the production of PRO series mats.

3. Ideal for Hot Yoga

Many yoga mats on the market have an open-cell surface. In particular, during intensive yoga classes such as Ashtanga yoga or Hot yoga, it is possible for bacteria to grow on mats with open eyes that absorb sweat and moisture, and their materials wear out very quickly. Manufactured using durable closed-cell material, the Manduka Pro yoga mat series creates an impenetrable barrier to sweat and moisture. When used with a yoga mat towel, you can easily complete even the most demanding yoga class without forming a sweat pool on your yoga mat, and you can use your mat for a lifetime without worrying about bacterial growth and bad odors.

4. Different Sizes Available

Manduka PRO yoga mat models are available in different sizes. While the standard 180cm yoga mat is the favorite of those who like to practice yoga at home, the 215cm Long Pro Mat is the first choice of taller yogis. On the other hand, Prolite mat offers an indispensable lightness for yogis who want to carry their mat between home and studio. It can be hard to believe that a 5mm thick mat can be so light! Manduka Prolite The mats have two different lengths, 180cm and 200cm.

5. Traditional Preference of Yoga Teachers

PRO series, manduka It is the first yoga mat produced by the brand. Pro Mat Black, produced by Manduka's founder Peter Sterios in 1997 with its iconic black color, was started to be used by the famous yoga teachers Rod Stryker, Rodney Yee and Shiva Ree in the same year and later gained a worldwide reputation. When you press your hands on your Pro series mat in downward facing dog pose, you connect with the same surface that has supported yoga teachers and students around the world for 20 years. World-famous You can buy Manduka Pro yoga mat series , models and yoga accessories online at

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