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What is Liforme AlignForMe System?

Working like a guiding map or guide, AlignForMe has a unique design. Smart signs are the focus of this unique design. we are talking about yoga mat The smart markings on it allow you to perform your yoga postures in a very natural way.

You'll soon get used to these signs and you can easily notice that you spontaneously put your knees or elbows on these marks. In this way, your mind does not stay on what your posture should be, and you can travel to your inner world in a more peaceful way.

Advantages of Liforme AlignForMe System

Liforme AlingForMe yoga mat or the yoga mat functions as if it were a first-class yoga teacher. It allows you to focus on your breathing and to do the postures properly. With no distractions or pressure, these yoga mats are extremely easy and fun to use. Its advantages can be listed as follows:

  • Unlike a classic pilates mat, Liform yoga mat allows you to perform more stable and aligned postures.
  • It prevents possible injuries and never slips.
  • Thanks to the smart signs, you can easily notice the mistakes you make while standing.
  • It prevents your misalignment. Just like a yoga teacher, it allows you to see for yourself your mistakes.
  • It helps us to notice abnormal situations in our body that we have not seen before. Other brands on the market pilates mat Unlike other products, it helps us to get to know our body again, thanks to the markings on it.
  • While doing yoga, it prevents you from falling apart and increases your concentration. You will not feel alone.
  • Some Points on Liforme AlignForMe Mat

Liforme yoga mat There are four main points on it and the meanings of these points are as follows:

Reverse point : This point helps you align your back, feet, and hands. You can easily get the desired position.

Central line: It helps you align your body properly in straight postures.

End to end lines: It allows you to align your hands and feet at equal length.

The Lotus: Pilates mat is the center point. It helps you to use the mat in a symmetrical way. It helps you to keep your body stable.

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