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How to Choose the Right Yoga Mat?

Yoga is a posture and breath-oriented discipline that has been used since the 1900s for people to reach physical, spiritual and mental peace.

At the same time, yoga aims to discipline both the body and the soul. It gives people stamina and increases their focusing power to a higher level. Yoga, which gives people the opportunity to have full control over their body, also reduces the stress level in our body.

Given these reasons, it's easy to understand why yoga is so popular. However, like almost every sportive activity, some special equipment is needed while doing yoga. The most important of these equipment will be the yoga mat. So, how to choose the right yoga mat?

How to Find the Right Yoga Mat for You in Five Steps

1. First of all, get to know your body. Measure height and weight. The best yoga mat will be the one that fits your height and shoulder width. During yoga movements, it is extremely important to buy a product of suitable size so that your feet do not overflow from the mat.

2. Yoga mat models are usually designed between 1mm and 6mm. How thick a mat you choose will depend on your weight and the type of yoga you do. For example; If you mainly do sitting positions, you can also be comfortable with thin mats. If you are into more dynamic yoga moves like Vinyasa or Ashtanga, you can choose a mat with strong cushioning and a minimum thickness of 3mm. In addition, you should consider the needs of your body when buying a yoga mat. If you are someone whose joints ache or hurt very easily, you can choose 5mm or 6mm thick mats for extra support.

3. What level you are in yoga will also be decisive when choosing the mat. If you are an advanced and frequent yoga practitioner, it is recommended to choose a mat that is resistant to friction and will not wear out quickly. Yoga mats made of PVC material, such as the Manduka PRO series, guarantee a long-lasting use. On the other hand, yoga mats produced from ecological materials such as 100% rubber will wear out faster as friction increases due to their natural content.

The yoga mat can also be used for other activities. For this reason, it is also known as a pilates mat or gym mat. However, the most important feature of a yoga mat is that it provides good grip (grip) with both the hands and feet on the top and the floor on the bottom. For this reason, you should definitely pay attention to what materials the yoga mat you will buy is made of. A good yoga mat offers a safe yoga practice by providing ideal slip resistance even in the most demanding yoga asanas.

Finally, the best yoga mat models also make a difference with their production technologies. Brands that adopt nature-friendly production methods use materials that will not contain bacteria and fungi. They stay away from finishing, adhesive and paint chemicals that will harm human health.

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