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Style, Performance and Comfort at Your Feet with a Pair of Stance Socks!

How Was Stance Born?

The Stance brand, which emerged with the idea of ​​​​changing the standard and boring concept of socks by a group of innovative entrepreneurs, revealed a need that people did not know existed. Combining its stylish designs with ease, the brand became known worldwide in less than 5 years. Stance socks, which the American news website Business Insider states in an article about the brand, that more than 50 million pairs are sold annually, are produced with superior quality yarns. Originally produced only for daily use with their colorful designs and fun patterns, the socks now add style to their users during sports, thanks to their improved performance features. Stance, which was the official NBA field socks in the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 seasons, provides comfort to the feet in many different sports branches today. Favorite of world-famous athletes, movie stars, singers and users of all ages, socks are the most popular brand of the hosiery world with its unique style that offers both comfort and originality during performance.

Stance Performance Socks

Running, cycling, golf, snow sports… Stance performance socks, specially produced for different sports branches, are offered for sale in varying lengths and thicknesses depending on the type of sport. The materials used in the production of socks differ for each product type.

Thanks to the elastic support surrounding the arch of the foot, the feet feel more comfortable. The reinforced heel and toe area of ​​the socks provide long-lasting durability.

Stance socks offer extra comfort to the feet, thanks to the fact that they are specially produced for the right and left feet and the toe end is seamless.

Stance socks, which offer moisture absorption feature with the patented yarns used in the models produced especially for sports branches that require intense movement, keep the feet dry.

Stance Running Socks

Produced in different sizes and thicknesses, Stance running socks have a moisture-resistant, breathable texture with Feel360 technology. Thanks to its cushioning feature, it supports the feet during running and offers a comfortable experience.

Stance Feel360 Technology

The proprietary Feel360 technology, which uses high quality special yarns, provides long-term comfort to the feet during sports.

  • Specially produced threads provide resistance to abrasion and tearing.
  • Sensitive fibers regulate heat level and absorb moisture
  • Silver ion technology reduces the formation of bacteria that cause bad odor by 99.95%

Stance Infiknit Technology

With the Infiknit technology used in both daily models and performance socks, the durability of the socks increases extra. The brand offers a lifetime warranty on the products that use this technology. Unconditional replacement is provided in case of wear, tear, puncture.

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