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Adidas Stella McCartney SS20 Collection

The company got its name from the name and surname of its founder. The company's three-stripe logo is also inspired by Adolf Dassler. The symbol idealizes a rising mountain and overcoming difficulties in spite of everything.

Having customers from almost all over the world, Adidas meets sports fans with different collections every year. The focus of this article is the recently unveiled Adidas Stella McCartney SS20 collection. If you want to know the main theme of the collection, who Stella McCartney is and from what idea she prepared the series, scroll down!

The Story of the Adidas Stella McCartney SS20 Collection

Stella McCartney , one of the most important names of sustainable fashion, inspired this collection of Adidas. So what is sustainable fashion? Sustainable fashion, which we have heard often recently, can be thought of as the textile arm of the environmental movement that opposes the "disposable" understanding and fast fashion. The focus of this trend, which emerged to get away from the ecological effects created by fast fashion, is the fabric, which is the raw material of textile.

Textile products produced from recyclable fabrics cause the least possible harm to nature. This trend, led by McCartney, has also aroused a voice in the fashion world. The collection prepared by McCartney for Adidas includes elements such as love of nature, technology, comfort and performance. All of the products in the collection are made of recyclable materials. For this reason, the Adidas Stella McCartney collection attracts the attention of many sports fans and environmentalists.

Adidas Stella McCartney SS20 Collection Items

The Stella Adidas series includes many products. The collection, where naive lines meet with appropriate colors, includes textile products such as shoes, bags, tights, sweatshirts and tracksuits. McCartney Adidas focuses on women's products and the main idea of ​​the series is that women's sportswear can be both stylish and functional.

Stella McCartney, who has been a fashion designer since 2005, has reflected her unique style to the collection. Bringing together sports, healthy living and sustainability, the young designer has combined athletic apparel design with strong feminine influences. In particular , Adidas Stella McCartney tights products have attracted a lot of attention from female sports fans. It can also be said that it is one of the most loved pieces of the collection.

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