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Yeni Başlayanlar için Yoga -

Yoga for Beginners

Have you decided to do yoga but don't know where to start? This ancient teaching can be done effortlessly; It includes many postures that benefit both body and mind. You are ready to start with a suitable mat, flexible clothes that will allow you to make transitions between poses comfortable, and a good trainer!

Yoga practices dating back thousands of years are among the most popular practices in the modern world today. Every day, countless people try to reach the balance between their body and mind by practicing yoga at various points. Inspired by nature, asanas stretch and shape the body while strengthening it. It fixes posture disorders. In addition, you can heal chronic joint problems, or pain caused by fatigue and stress, with regular practice. You can solve many problems more easily by relaxing your mind during the practices.

There is no specific time or specific conditions to start yoga. Yoga practice, which includes physical and breathing exercises, is for almost everyone and can be done at any time. Now, right now, you can do it even where you are sitting.

Why Yoga?

Those who decide to start yoga have one or more reasons. In order, people can start these mystical exercises, which are thought to have been born in the land of India, for the following reasons:

  • Have a healthier body and a clearer mind
  • Being more flexible and more balanced
  • fix your posture
  • look better

In fact, yoga offers more than the above. What can regular practice gain you?

  • Your metabolism will be stronger and you can become more resistant to diseases.
  • You gain strength, not just flexibility and balance.
  • Practices can help relieve menstrual cycle irregularities or pain.
  • It reduces restlessness and stress, can eliminate the problem of insomnia

There are many benefits of regular practice that are not yet medically proven.

What Do You Need to Start Yoga?

You need to do sports such as tennis, swimming, basketball with special equipment. In addition, you need a special sports area for each of them. There are also some requirements for yoga. But if you think about yogis in ancient times, it was possible to do these practices while in nature without using anything. But if you are not in those conditions in nature today, a few pieces of accessories make your journey more comfortable and enjoyable. 

Our relationship with nature is limited in city life. We may not always have a chance to practice on grass or sand. Yoga mats are useful products that were invented for exactly this reason. Mats that prevent us from slipping on the floor protect our joints while practicing in our homes or private classrooms. Therefore, it is recommended to have a good yoga mat when practicing indoors. 

Which Mat Should You Use for Beginner Level?

Yoga is an exercise practice that has more than one type and is done at different levels. You use different hand-foot postures in each of the poses called asanas. Here are the details to consider when choosing the mat that best suits you:

  • Cushioning feature : The thickness of the yoga mat provides a support opportunity between the ground and the body. There are yoga mats in 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm or 6mm thicknesses. Yoga mat models of 5mm and above can be preferred at the beginner level
  • Non-slip feature : Yoga is a highly subjective journey experienced differently in each body anatomy. The anti-slip performance provided by each yoga mat is also different. It is necessary to know your own body well, to understand its needs correctly and to do detailed research according to its tendency to slip.
  • Surface structure : Liforme yoga mat surface with microfiber surface structure and Manduka eKO series mats made of 100% natural rubber material have different surfaces. The surface structures, which vary according to the material and design decisions, shape the contact of the mat with the hands and feet.
  • Which material it is made of: Yoga mats are produced from different materials. In addition to ecological mats with natural ingredients such as rubber and cork, there are yoga mats made of plastic raw materials such as TPE and PVC. The properties of the material directly affect the major performance criteria of the yoga mat such as non-slip, durability and grip.
  • Weight and dimensions : Yoga mats are produced in different thicknesses and sizes. In order to meet every need, many yoga brands are developing their product range. As the thickness of the mat increases, its weight increases in direct proportion. If you're going to do yoga at home and you don't have to carry your mat all the time, weight won't be an issue. However, if you are going to do yoga in an outdoor place such as a yoga studio and it is inevitable to carry the mat, an easy-to-carry yoga mat will be an important criterion.

Apart from these, some entry-level models have guide lines. These lines are designed to help beginners. They show you where to put your hands and feet in poses. This way, you can complete your sessions more comfortably. Guidelines are used not only at the beginner level, but also at other levels. So much so that many instructors have this type of Liforme yoga mat with guide lines.

After getting the mat with suitable features, you should choose the sports clothes you will wear during the practices. If your tights are not tight and flexible, you may have difficulty moving in asanas. For yoga sessions where you will get into shape, you can choose sports bras with light or medium support and yoga tights models that are compatible with postures. So you can focus only on your poses as you move between asanas.

Getting Started with Yoga

After you have your clothes and mat ready, you need to make a plan for yourself. There are many types of yoga that appeal to different needs and contain different movements. The reason you decide to shape your body and mind with this philosophy determines what suits you. Vinyasa, Iyengar, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Bikram, Hatha, Yin and Restorative yoga are among the main types. If you can't decide on the type that is right for you, you can get the support of an instructor.

There are many studios or halls where you can practice this ancient exercise method, which is increasingly popular among western societies and is seen as a sport. While these places serve to socialize, they also offer the chance to work live with an instructor. If you are someone who cannot do yoga on your own and loses motivation quickly, you can continue with a studio.

In addition, if you are someone who works hard and cannot spare time to do sports outside, you can review your options at home. Many fitness apps now have a yoga section. You can download a good app and create a beginner program for yourself. You can follow yogis teaching on social media. You can watch and practice beginner classes on YouTube. The web is a great resource where you can find hundreds of different lessons for all levels.

These miraculous practices that will attract you as you see what your body can do will increase your motivation. As you master the asanas, yoga becomes an indispensable part of your daily life. The important thing is not when you started, but that you started. This set of deep and helpful practices connects your body and mind and relaxes you. It helps you find your missing balance. This balance is not only in the physical sense, but the unique balance brought by the harmony between your mind and body. Now you can turn on your mat and start practicing and discover your own balance.

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