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Yaza Girerken Formda Olmanı Sağlayacak Fitness Önerileri -

2021 Fitness Trends

Gyms Offering Private Sessions with Limited Members

Due to the risk of Covid-19, the majority of people did not renew their gym memberships. On the other hand, centers that raise hygiene standards and minimize the risk of epidemics in the new year will continue to be in demand with limited number of sessions they offer to their members. Despite the pandemic period, some people will not give up gyms that give them confidence for different physical activity opportunities and sociality. In this process, cleanliness and safe space will become the two most important criteria that salons should provide to their members. The halls that offer the opportunity to do sports in the open air will be more advantageous than their competitors.

Fitness Activities in the Comfort of Home

People who do not dare to enter the gym and are afraid to do sports outside will meet with many free content on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram and create suitable fitness programs for themselves. Applications that include HIIT workouts, weight exercises and yoga, pilates and meditation-themed classes that can be done with little equipment will continue to offer solutions to users who want to stay healthy and fit in the safe environment of their home.

With the effects of the global epidemic showing, the increase observed in the sales of indoor sports equipment will continue in 2021.

Online Training with a Personal Trainer
Just as the entire education system has been digitized due to the risk of epidemic, personal trainers will move their lessons to the virtual environment. Those who prefer to get professional help to stay in shape or reach their goals will meet with their personal trainers in online classes.

Wearable Technologies
Wearable technology products, which have become increasingly popular in recent years and are constantly updated with new versions, will also be preferred in 2021. Smart watches and wristbands that report the body's daily activities and report details such as pulse rate, temperature, and calorie content will continue to make life easier. Thanks to the new generation smart shoes, it will be possible to access details such as walking and running speed, mileage, and incline level.

Doing Sports Outdoors
Due to the risk of Covid-19, there are still various restrictions on curfew. However, for those who catch the right time, doing sports outside the house will remain an indispensable activity. With the epidemic, people in many parts of the world escaped from crowded closed spaces and returned to nature. This trend will continue in 2021 and people will try to stay fit by doing sports outdoors whenever possible.

Equalizing Mind-Body Balance
There are multiple physical activity options that can be applied to get rid of the negativities of the sedentary life brought by the pandemic and stay fit. Yoga and pilates are the most used tools to get rid of the negative effects of the stressful period we are in. Although there has been increasing interest in both in recent years, by 2021 the number of people practicing yoga and pilates at home or in the safe outdoors will increase. Exercising generally helps to clear the mind, but the philosophy of yoga and pilates based on balancing the mind-body balance will make them more preferable than other sports when it comes to holistic relaxation.

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