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Under Armour No-Slip Waistband: Seninle Hareket Eden Taytlar -

Under Armor No-Slip Waistband: Non-Slip Technology

What is Non-Slip Waistband?

While doing sports, the fit of the clothes on the top and the movement in harmony with the body greatly affect the performance. For example, when performing a tabata exercise, you don't want to waste time pulling your tights up and stopping between series. Or struggling with tights that slip off your waist and distract your concentration while jumping rope to warm up. Under Armor eliminates such problems thanks to the latest technology it has developed.

The tights stay in place as you move and you only focus on your movements. It doesn't matter at what level or with what intensity you move. The tights with the No-Slip Waistband feature sit comfortably on your waist and support your performance without moving.

How Does the UA No-Slip Waistband Won't Slip?

Double-sided silicone prints hidden under the super thin fabric of the product provide non-slip feature to the waistband. While you are moving, the grip feature of the silicone hugs your body and the tights do not slip off your body. Tights with extra support and overlap feature thanks to the high waistband are perfect performance products.

The double-layered waistband makes your sportive activities perfect without hindering flexibility and comfort. When you realize that you did not touch the tights you forgot you were wearing during the training, you realize that you are wearing the right product.

Under Armor uses No-Slip Waistband technology in its tights in many different colors and lengths. All you have to do for uninterrupted and more comfortable exercises is to choose the one you like…

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