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Manduka Yogitoes+ Repreve: Daha Üstün, Daha Çevreci -

Manduka Yogitoes+ Repreve: Superior, Greener

The Yogitoes+ Repreve yoga mat towel is Manduka's latest premium performance towel for yogis. In addition to its flexible structure, liquid absorption ability, durability and non-slip surface technology, it is Manduka's most sustainable product. A Yogitoes+ non-slip yoga towel is made from a blend of Repreve performance yarns made by recycling 11 used plastic bottles. Repreve is an environmentalist brand in cooperation with many world-renowned companies in the clothing industry. The yarns produced by the brand are used in many different products, from shoes to bags, from yoga products to clothing.

What is Repreve?

Acting with the motto "The future is yesterday", Repreve brand produces performance yarn by recycling 4300 plastic bottles per minute. Taking great sustainable steps for the future of the planet, Repreve has prestigious worldwide certifications. OEKO-TEX, Global Recycled Standard, OceanCylce, EFSA are among these certificates.

The performance yarns produced by the brand increase the quality and durability of the product used, while ensuring that it is more environmentally friendly. Products produced with Repreve yarns are longer lasting, more comfortable, more environmentally friendly and more flexible. It is possible to see Repreve material in shoes, household goods, automotive sector and industrial products besides the clothing industry.

It is not only the production of recycled yarn that gives the famous brand an environmentally friendly feature. The methods he uses during production are also in a way that contributes to the health of the planet. Repreve operates on the principle of using less water and less energy.

What is Yogitoes+ Repreve Yoga Mat Towel?

Yogitoes+ is the new generation version of the Yogitoes mat towel, designed by Manduka to eliminate the slipping problem caused by sweating during yoga. The mat towel is more durable thanks to its superior technical structure. It has more liquid absorption and holding ability.

With the Manduka Yogitoes towel series, a product compatible with all levels of yoga sessions is targeted. Designed for fluid accumulation and slippage problems that occur due to sweating during yoga, the product can be used with all yoga mats. These yoga mat towels provide extra comfort with their structure that absorbs the liquid quickly and removes it from the surface of the mat. Since the liquid is removed, the problem of slipperiness on the surface of the mat disappears. In this way, yogis do not slip in pose transitions, maintain their balance and move freely on the mat's surface.

Refreshed with Repreve performance yarns, the Manduka Yogitoes+ towel serves the same purpose as previous Yogitoes yoga mat towels. Unlike, it has more advanced features.

What Features Are in Yogitoes+ Repreve?

  • Manduka Yogitoes+ Repreve yoga towel is a more durable, better absorbent and more sustainable product.
  • It is a leader in sustainability as it is made from 83% recycled materials
  • Manduka towel is 50% more absorbent than other models on the market
  • The more liquid Yogitoes+ absorbs, the higher the grip it provides. So the more you sweat, the better you cling. When the towel is dry, it cannot provide performance support, it is enough to moisten it slightly before use.
  • It is 60% longer lasting than its competitors with its superior durability feature.
  • Skidless silicone technology, which allows the towel to stick to the surface, gives the mat towel a non-slip feature. Silicone dots that fix the towel to the surface it is placed on prevent the product from moving.
  • You can use the non-slip yoga towel at the beach, while doing Pilates, at the gym or on travel.
  • Yogitoes+ yoga towel is compatible with the other floors in your home as well as the surface of the mats. You can use your yoga towel both on the yoga mat and directly on the floor.

What Do Yogitoes+ Yoga Towels Do?

Manduka has been designing and delivering superior performance products for the world of yoga since 1997. Advanced yoga movements and Hot Yoga sessions are among the exercises where sweating is experienced the most. Many yoga mats have a closed-cell structure. Therefore, they do not absorb the liquid. The liquid accumulating on the surface of the mat causes the hands and feet to slip during the yoga session. The yoga mat towel is a product designed to address exactly this problem.

Sweating during movement is the body's natural response, and everyone sweats. If you have a habit of sweating during yoga, you can use a Yogitoes+ yoga mat towel. If you sweat a lot during yoga, you should definitely have a Yogitoes+. The yoga towel kicks in as soon as you feel it start to slide on the surface of the mat, absorbing the wetness and providing a better grip as it absorbs the liquid. This way, you can comfortably complete your session without having to interrupt it.

A yoga towel provides extra non-slip, high grip and hygiene properties to your mat. If you are practicing on a different mat in a studio, you can safely practice yoga with your own yoga towel. It will be enough to wash your towel at the end of the session.

Skidless silicone dots in Yogitoes' design can hold onto any surface. In this way, you can practice yoga wherever you want. You can take it with you on travels. Thanks to its light weight and easy folding, it does not take up much space in your suitcase. It is easy to clean. Yogitoes+ is a product that provides practical and comfort in every way.

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