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Karşılaştırmalı Analiz: Manduka Pro mu Liforme Yoga Matı mı? -

Comparative Analysis: Liforme Mat or Manduka Pro?

Manduka Pro Standard
Liforme origigal
Size 180 cm
Width 66cm
Thickness 6mm
Weight 3.4 kg
2.5 kg
Materiel Latex-free safe PVC
Natural rubber + PU
Surface Texture closed cell
Non-Slip Surface -
There is
Eco-Friendly Yes
Usage Period Forever -
Model Pro 6mm
origin Germany Chinese
Featured Feature Lifetime Warranty / Durability
AlignForMe-Alignment System / Anti-Slip
Price 849 TL - 1349 TL
1249 TL - 2000 TL
Certificate Oeko-Tex® -
Extras -
yoga mat bag

As seen in the table, there are very clear differences between the two yoga mats, but both have high grip and cushioning in yoga poses. While Manduka Pro mats do not take in external factors such as sweat and dust thanks to their closed cell structure, Liforme Yoga Mats, on the contrary, take in moisture by filtering them with their permeable structure. Thus, they offer a more comfortable experience in practices involving intense sweat, such as hot yoga. With this feature, which they call GripForMe, inverted postures such as a downward facing dog can be applied perfectly on the Liforme Yoga Mat.

Another innovation that comes with Liforme Mat varieties is the alignment lines they call AlignForMe. These lines, which are confusing and distracting for some yogis, are effective in yoga mat preferences as they serve as a guide for yoga beginners. In addition, many instructors state that they provide more comfortable education to their students by making use of these lines in their classes.

The most prominent feature of the Manduka Pro series is that it offers a lifetime experience when used properly. Manduka Pro Mat series, which is the first choice of both yoga instructors and those who have been practicing yoga for years, has features suitable for all yoga types and levels. Thanks to its wide dimensions and unique texture, the mats can be used on all surfaces easily thanks to their 6mm thickness.

What is the Lifespan of Liforme Mats?

Produced by the combination of natural rubber and eco-polyurethane material, Liforme Yoga Mat is biodegradable for up to 5 years with its biodegradable structure. The same feature means a limited lifespan for Liforme Mats, which ranges from 1-5 years depending on the frequency of your practice, the type of yoga you practice and how well you follow care instructions.

The Manduka Pro yoga mat, which uses high-density PVC that does not harm the environment, also has nature-friendly features. With the Oeko-Tex® certificate, it has documented that it does not contain harmful raw materials and has proven the reliability of its product.

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