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Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy

What should you pay attention to while doing sports during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is divided into 3 periods called trimesters. The first trimester covers a period of 1-3 months. If you do not have a medical condition that may prevent you from doing sports, you can spend this first trimester with light-paced walks, swimming or light cardio exercises in the gym. The second trimester is the period when expectant mothers start to get a little heavier. Exercise routines also change accordingly. During this period, you should prefer lighter-paced exercises and risk-free sports such as swimming. The last trimester, when the birth is approaching, is the period when more ground movements are recommended. If your doctor does not say otherwise, you can continue with short-term, light-paced walks. You can experience the birth more comfortably with pilates and yoga movements that you will do with an expert trainer.

You must be able to chat while exercising

One of the most important rules of exercising while pregnant is to avoid movements that will tire you out. For this reason, you should be able to chat without being out of breath during your sports. This way, your body will not be strained.

Avoid Sports That Can Take A Impact To Your Body

Team sports, double fights where you can hit your body, sports with the ball are not very suitable for the sensitivity of the pregnancy period. Although we sometimes see professional athletes who participate in official battles with their team during pregnancy, experts have a difference of opinion on this issue. Although babies continue to develop in a very sheltered environment, it is a better choice for expectant mothers to eliminate such risks.

Avoid doing sports in extremely hot and humid environments
The environment you are in is as important as the rhythm you do sports. While pregnant, you should avoid exercising during extremely hot hours and wait for the appropriate time interval to do sports. Likewise, you should stay away from such environments as doing sports in places with high humidity will affect you negatively.

Do not Prefer Sports with a Risk of Falling
If it is not a sport that you were interested in and mastered before pregnancy, it would be beneficial to stay away from risky sports such as horse riding, cycling and mountaineering. However, if one of these branches is in your area of ​​expertise, you can do these sports with the approval of your doctor and for as long as he sees fit.

Moreover; It is useful to avoid holding your breath for a long time, jumping, hard and sudden turns, and waist turning movements.

What Sports Can You Do During Pregnancy?
During your pregnancy, you can be interested in many sports branches. With the approval of your doctor, it is possible to exercise throughout your pregnancy. The important thing is to choose the exercise that suits you and stay at the recommended pace.

Walking is an extremely beneficial cardio exercise that works the whole body. It regulates blood circulation and accelerates metabolism. It reduces the risk of diabetes and improves respiratory quality. This simple exercise that can be practiced anytime and anywhere gives you numerous benefits. You can experience a healthy pregnancy and birth by taking light-paced walks throughout your entire pregnancy.

Swimming is one of the most comfortable sports that can be done during pregnancy as it will eliminate the effects of gravity. You feel lighter thanks to the buoyancy of the water. While swimming, your joints are relaxed and the edema in your body is reduced. You will also feel happier with the positive energy of water. In the later stages of pregnancy, the increasing weight and changing body balance are not felt in the water. Therefore, swimming is one of the most enjoyable sports that can be done during pregnancy.

Pregnant Yoga
Practicing yoga poses regularly will make you more flexible. As your core becomes stronger, your body resistance increases. Pregnancy yoga is a little different from normal yoga practices. Pregnancy yoga, which has become extremely popular today, is the choice of many expectant mothers. You can practice pregnancy yoga under the supervision of an expert instructor in a class suitable for you. In this way, your pregnancy will pass more easily and you will be prepared for birth. Pregnant yoga includes breathing exercises and relaxes both the body and the psychology.

It is possible to prevent back pain with pilates exercises suitable for pregnancy period. You can enjoy the birth preparation process by participating in one of the pilates classes specially prepared for pregnancy. Pilates movements will stretch your back while stretching your muscles and will prevent posture disorders that occur due to the change in the center of gravity.

Is Running During Pregnancy Harmful?
Running is an exercise that works many muscles and pushes the body to its limits. If you were an active runner before pregnancy, you can run while pregnant with your doctor's approval. However, the risk of injury is higher than normal as the muscles and joints will be more sensitive than usual during pregnancy. Considering this detail, you should prefer light rhythms. If you have not run before, it is beneficial to choose walking instead of jogging during pregnancy.

Can You Lift Weights During Pregnancy?
Lifting weights is a unique option for muscle gain. If you are training in the gym and have experience in lifting weights, you can continue these exercises during pregnancy with the approval of your doctor. However, the weights you will lift should be lighter than what you normally use. Likewise, you should keep your set numbers less than the normal time.

What Kind of Sportswear Should You Prefer While Pregnant?
Special sports clothes should be used while doing sports. These clothes, which are produced for different sports branches, also have ones for pregnant women. Special sports bras have been produced that pregnant women can wear while doing sports. There are also performance t-shirts and tights for pregnancy. In this collection produced by the Koral brand to be worn during pregnancy you can find sports maternity tights suitable for the fashion trends of the day. The tights produced with the brand's patented Infinity fabric, consisting of a mixture of polyamide and lycra, have superior stretching ability. It can be worn comfortably from the beginning to the end of pregnancy. Thanks to the special structure of Koral pregnant tights, you can move freely both in daily life and while doing sports.

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