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adidas x Karlie Kloss Koleksiyonu -

adidas x Karlie Kloss Collection

Karlie Kloss : An American supermodel with a height of 188 cm with features that are rarely seen even on the catwalks. She is the face of many world famous luxury clothing brands. Former Victoria's Secret angel. A mother, an entrepreneur, a good women's rights advocate. With the project named “Kode With Klossy”, she provides free coding education to young girls who are interested in STEM (the English abbreviation for science, technology, engineering and mathematics). The model, which stands out with both her physique and intellectual aspect, loves to do sports. In 2020, it signed a cooperation with adidas, one of the world's largest sportswear companies. Since this union was highly appreciated, the new collection that the duo worked together once again took its place on the shelves last summer.

What's In The Karlie Kloss Collection?

Launched in the summer of 2021, the collection was inspired by Karlie's passion for outdoor sports. Running is a sport that the famous model is particularly interested in. He is a good athlete and a marathon runner. However, the model's love of running had not yet begun when she was young, and even this branch was not very much of interest. But one day he started running and he doesn't stop anymore.

Karlie is an athletic model as well as a successful entrepreneur. He is aware that doing sports contributes to his success by keeping his mind open. He believes that he needs to have a solid and fit body in order to think more clearly. Therefore, he does sports frequently and has very good body muscles. The collection he signed with adidas includes colorful and dynamic pieces inspired by these features of him.

Running shoes dominated by energetic colors are made of recycled materials. The soles of the model, which is offered in five different color options, have the brand's exclusive Boost technology. The design is accompanied by three lines that make up the adidas logo.

Karlie's favorite piece in the collection is the running shorts. The shorts with a comfortable fit are made of Primeblue fabric of adidas. Primeblue is a performance fabric made from recycled material. The model, which is extremely light, has the adidas logo and Karlie Kloss print on the side. In addition, there is a tights specially produced for running in the collection. The fabric of the tights is Primeblue.

The half-zip sports vest is one of the prominent products of the Kloss adidas collaboration. The model, which has a comfortable cut, can be used in different styles.

Sweatshirts, sweatpants and a yoga leggings are among the pieces in the Karlie Kloss collection . Tracksuits and sweatshirts are made of cotton-blend French Terry fabric. It is possible to use comfortable cut products both when doing sports and in daily life. The ankles of the sweatpants are ribbed. There is a zippered pocket detail on the side. AEROREADY fabric is used in the yoga tights, which absorbs moisture quickly and removes it from the skin. Sports bras made of performance fabric are other items in Kloss's adidas collection.

Sustainable Collection Looking to the Future

The famous model's Kode With Karlie project is proof of the importance she attaches to a new generation of women. The reason for signing such a project is the fact that young girls are not able to shape their futures in this direction even though they are interested in coding. Karlie ensures that they develop and continue to walk on this path with free course programs. Coding by beautiful model is the new language of the world of the future. For this reason, women should also have the right to play a role in the development of technology by learning and using this language. He states that one of the things that caught his attention when he entered the classroom for the first time to learn coding was that there were not enough girls in the class. All of this gives birth to the Kode With Karlie project.

The collaboration of the supermodel with adidas is not just an athletic wear collection. The German sportswear giant took action to provide different scholarships to the most successful girls in Karlie's project. There will also be other training programs that the duo will run together. With this aspect, Karlie is of particular importance for the adidas brand, which likes to invest in the future.

The clothing collection of a collaboration where both parties love to work for the future also has a sustainable feature. Inspired by the colors of nature, the products consist of performance fabrics and materials produced by adidas with recycled materials. In addition, the pieces in the collection are produced using minimum energy. Nature and planet friendly products Special models reflecting Karlie Kloss style. The product details are designed to support women's sports performance. The collection, prepared in collaboration with Karlie Kloss, offers comfort not only while doing sports, but also during the day.

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